PayU Mobile

Pay on your phone with just one click without leaving the shopping app. PayU Mobile allows you to make purchases using your card or bank transfer quickly and easily.

How can you benefit?

Convenient payments without leaving the app you’re shopping on

Easy implementation and integration through a few lines of code

Available for Android and iOS operating systems


  • Is PayU Mobile secure?

    Is PayU Mobile secure?

    Yes. The buyer enters their card data in a secure PayU environment and it does not go through merchants’ back-ends.

    How is the payment made?

    How is the payment made?

    The last used payment method is remembered by our system and used for subsequent transactions, so it just takes one click.

    Can I use this in other countries?

    Can I use this in other countries?

    Yes, the PayU Mobile app can be used all over the world.

How to activate your PayU account?