Online bank transfers

Transfers without mistakes: always the right account, always the right amount. This is the most frequently chosen payment method on the market. The customer chooses their bank and is transferred to the online banking service to make a payment.

Why it’s worth it

Higher conversion

over 40% of online shoppers pay with a fast transfer


the customer does not have to fill in data, it is filled in automatically

Secure payment

no risk of entering mistakes into the transfer


  • Online vs traditional transfer?

    Online vs traditional transfer?

    All data in the online transfer is filled in automatically, so that the customer does not have to enter it manually and mistakes are eliminated.

    When will I receive the payment?

    When will I receive the payment?

    Payment by fast electronic transfer is made immediately, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    What is the commission?

    What is the commission?

    A detailed table of commissions and fees can be found on the pricing page.

How to activate your PayU account?