The customer must feel comfortable when paying online

Petr Lukáč, Senior Account Relationship Manager at PayU

Over the last decade, Czech e-commerce has undergone revolutionary changes. In parallel, online payments are also constantly being improved and perfected. Petr Lukáč from PayU pioneered many new products in this area on the Czech market. Their potential is far from exhausted, and they are all aimed primarily at making online payments as convenient as possible and making the customer feel comfortable.



Peter, you have been working at PayU for a long time. Can you evaluate how the company has changed during that time?


I have been working at PayU for eleven years. In the beginning, it was a small unknown startup. When we approached the customers, we had to introduce the company. Even the field of e-commerce itself was in its early days. Many times we had to educate the clients or explain the offer. They often did not even know what options existed in the field of payment methods. Today, PayU is a strong, established player that e-commerce people know.



How have you progressed personally during that time?


I experienced the establishment of the Czech PayU sales team. I was present at all the crucial moments and changes. After eleven years, I have become attached to the PayU brand. I view the company as my child, I’m personally invested in it, and I perceive our system as the best. I have this brand under my skin. I started as a sales representative then moved to Key Account. I have approximately 30 large clients in my portfolio, mostly companies that operate online casinos, online sports betting or classic betting. I built the position of a “betting business specialist”. In the Czech Republic, this is a relatively small industry. People know each other, exchange contacts, so it happens that a new client approaches me on their own because I was recommended to them.



So you maintain good relationships with the clients…


For me, the relationship with the client is key, the most important thing. I don’t have a typical sales approach, I’m not pushy. I am convinced, and my experience confirms it, that the time invested in business relationships pays off and strengthens them.  Although my job includes finding new clients, the majority of my work is taking care of existing ones. E-commerce in the Czech Republic is at a very high level. In a way the Czech market is on the bleeding edge in some areas. Clients want to go with the times, they think about the end customer. They value when the end customer feels good when shopping with them, gets a comfortable and simple experience and that makes them like to come back.



In which direction is Czech e-commerce currently heading?


Larger customers are currently mainly dealing with the possibilities of expansion into foreign markets. For clients who have international ambitions, the fact that we are a global company plays a huge role. As part of our overall portfolio, we are able to instantly provide them with payments throughout Europe and, thanks to the PayU Hub platform, a wide range of payment methods on other continents as well.



How do you spend your leisure time?


There were times when I wasn’t able to switch off, but meanwhile I’ve learned to relax in my spare time – ideally on a motorbike when the weather is nice. Some time ago, I spent a fortnight on two wheels with friends in Ghana, Africa where we got 2000 km under our belt. I’ve been doing sports since I was little. I relax engaging in martial arts, specifically boxing. I also spend time with my two children.