Embark on PayU Auto-boarding with Zuzana Hurčíková

Payment transactions are commonplace for us today, but every “beep” is associated with a demanding technological process. It is specific people who take great care for it to run smoothly. Zuzana Hurčíková is one of these people at PayU who mainly takes care of the Auto-boarding project. It facilitates very easy and fast access to an online payment solution for small and medium-sized companies. Zuzana comes from Slovakia. She moved to the Czech Republic during her studies and has stayed there ever since.

How long have you been at PayU and what are your main duties?


I joined PayU sales support seven years ago. I worked in the position for three years and then gradually began to take over responsibility for marketing. I have found that this role that is halfway between marketing and business suits me best. I was able to start using the combination of these two specializations in full in 2019 with the birth of the Auto-boarding project. Among other things, I am in charge of the website, its visual appearance, and settings. Less than two years ago, the global PayU websites transitioned to a unified design.

What are you doing at the moment?


Currently, I am most focused on taking care of small medium businesses clients, specifically the client Auto-boarding tool we already mentioned. Today, online business is crucial for many industries. Thanks to our online activation, even small and medium-sized companies can gain very easy and fast access to the payment solution and use a reliable payment gateway that combines the advantages of local payment methods with the background of a strong global company. It enables e-shop representatives to do the activation process from the very beginning, wherever they are located. The whole procedure is performed fully online. It is possible to go from starting the process to making payments in a matter of days. I work with various tools that support the increase in the number of registered clients. These are, for example, various types of marketing campaigns, information on websites, and similar.

What appealed to you in e-commerce?


E-commerce is a very dynamic industry that poses great challenges for people in the field of personal development. It is necessary to follow current trends and news. Thanks to cooperation with our business partners, I am constantly learning new technologies. I could say that every month in this field brings something new.

How do you like working for PayU?


I like that PayU is a global company. I really enjoy international cooperation. All of our support teams are abroad, so 80% of my work communication is in English. I consider it a great benefit that PayU has been providing me with the possibility of studying English with a native speaker throughout my whole career here. My English is now at a much higher level. In the time before COVID, trips abroad were a pleasant part of my work, both for work and team building.  For example, the whole office was in Bucharest, Romania, Warsaw, Poland for work or in Kaprun for skiing. I very much value being part of my team.

How difficult was the COVID period?


The coronavirus crisis has caused Czech customers to significantly change their shopping behavior after many years. Instead of paying for the goods ordered online upon receipt, they began to prefer online payment. During the coronavirus period, our industry principally grew, even though a significant transformation of the whole segment was taking place. Some industries were in trouble, but others skyrocketed. For us, COVID was challenging, especially from a human point of view.  We have been working from home for almost a year, which is why I appreciate the moments when we meet our colleagues in person all the more.