Payment link

Payment link allows merchants to send an e-mail with a payment link to their customer in order to confirm their order or to notify or remind them of the transaction.

How can you benefit?

Increase conversion

send a payment link to the customer by e-mail

Faster payment

avoid repeating the purchasing path in the shop again

Marketing tool

include a commercial offer in your e-mail


  • Who is this for?

    Who is this for?

    A payment link is an effective solution for abandoned baskets. It is a helpful tool for companies offering individual completion of orders and their valuation.

    What message accompanies the link?

    What message accompanies the link?

    The form and content is up to you – you can remind users about payment or encourage them to complete outstanding purchases.

    How long is the link valid?

    How long is the link valid?

    The minimum value is one second, while the maximum value is three months (8,035,200 seconds).

How to activate your PayU account?