The best way to grow your e-shop is to sell abroad

A huge opportunity for anyone doing business online is to grow beyond borders. In fact, it is very easy when you have a good payment partner. When it comes to payments, all it takes is one quick integration and you can reach many times more customers at once. Of course, it’s clear that you need to sort out logistics, text translations on the site and other activities. But this is no longer an obstacle either. The proof is many foreign e-shops offering goods to Czech customers.  



It is good to see how Czech wallets are targeted by merchants from many neighboring and more distant countries. As example is this overview of the Czech Republic from the international blog PayU. We have similar data, e.g. size of the market or share of online shoppers in various segments, on other countries within PayU and we will gradually present it to you so that you also have a good overview of other markets.  



For Czech online merchants, foreign markets are the way to growth. Especially those close to us, similar in many respects. For example, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania – any Czech companies operate there and PayU has been providing them with smooth online payments for many years. All mentioned countries have some similarities to the Czech environment and these markets are the easiest to enter. All of them also have a significant potential to grow and PayU can help Czech merchants leverage this opportunity. 



We know where the business opportunities are and we can comprehensively help with entering new markets. For example, according to PayU Next Frontier study and Statista data, in Poland 67 % of the population shops online, in Romania 48 %. This shows the great opportunities in both countries. Large companies as well as smaller e-shops can benefit from entering other markets. Some of them have grown significantly over the years with us thanks to our foreign expansion,says Martin Prunner, Country Manager of PayU for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. 



Opportunities are in many sectors, e.g. fashion, beauty, sports equipment, products for the home and garden, including furniture, travel and many other. Any merchant operating only on the Czech market can get much larger group of potential customers and also big support from PayU with all relevant steps.  



PayU has been helping Czech companies from various sectors for a decade. Many of them have grown multiply. PayU can offer both an individual approach for large enterprises with special needs as well as fast, easy, reliable and efficient Auto-boarding solution for SMBs. The advantage of PayU is its global background and knowledge of local environments.  



Apart from other tools and skills PayU can help merchants with its PayU HUB. This useful solution supports cross-border merchants globally and also companies from Czech Republic benefit from it. PayU HUB boosts sales through single and direct connection to hundreds of local and global online payment methods, enabling you to sell in any global market.