Credit payments

We offer a deferred payment option for customers who cannot or do not want to use traditional banking services. Customers have 14 days to pay for their purchase, but you receive the money immediately.

What are the benefits?

Higher basket value and conversion

The customer can afford larger purchases, more expensive products and does not have to pay in advance.

Security of payment

Payment reaches the store prior to the release of the goods.

More satisfied customers

They can check the goods before they pay.

What are credit payments?

Credit payments allow buyers to pay for their products later. The e-consumer decides when to pay for the order.

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    Credit payment with Twisto Pay

    The buyer has up to 30 days to pay, but you will receive the money immediately. This type of payment affects the completion of the purchase process and order values. Increase your e-commerce store sales with credit payments.

How to activate your PayU account?